History of power monogamy*


  • Although the details are murky and lost in time, the ancient tribes of Israel practiced monogamy for centuries BCE.
  • What is fairly certain is that the lost tribes of Israel (who disappeared from the history books) practiced polygamy, thus miring themselves in sexual violence, the endless expelling of low status young males, rotting of the gene pool, sloth, and the increasing need for rigid control over the young girls.
  • Christianity is credited with spreading monogamy across the Western world, with it, diligence, self discipline, life long commitment to children, and attention to something besides sex.
  • The evidence is murky, but the case can be made that  as monogamy spread across the world,  slavery disappeared in 100 to 400 years.
Indeed, the entire polygamous world was engaged in various forms of slavery, and some of the polygamous world is still engaged in slavery in the 21st Century and by all accounts is still castrating helpless males, turning them into easily controlled eunuchs!
  • Did power monogamy end slavery? There are mountains of evidence that support this.


Suicide/murder attack in Afghanistan. Polygamy is legal in Afghanistan

Polygamy causes the imbalance of male/female ratio to begin with, not the other way around.

Read about elite of polygamy Haji Abdul Ghafar, a 75-year-old auto repair shop owner in Kabul.  Haji was quick to say he sought youth in the four wives he’s married in 24 years. “Everyone who marries a subsequent time wants someone younger and better than his previous wives,” he said with a giggle.

Throwing the older wives out in the street, with or without their older children, is just worthy of a snicker.



Read about the chaos that polygamy causes in Afghanistan

Read about the suicide attack in Afghanistan that murdered at least 30 people and crippled many others for life plus another ho-hum suicide/crippling/murder  

Suicide attacks are a top down problem.  The only ones who can stop the madness are the elites of polygamy.



Suicide attack in Mali. Polygamy is legal in Mali


Mali suicide attack leaves at least 3 killed, 9 peacekeepers injured – UN

At least three civilians were killed and nine UN peacekeepers seriously injured in a suicide attack on Wednesday at a UN base in the town of Ansongo in northern Mali, Reuters reported.

“A vehicle tried to penetrate the camp and there was an explosion,” said Olivier Salgado, a spokesman for the peacekeeping mission.

Several Nigerian soldiers taking part in the UN mission were wounded in the attack, according to a Niger security official in Niamey. Mali military said the suicide bomber tried to force his way into the camp and was shot, but his bomb-laden vehicle exploded.

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“I’m against polygamy, even though I’m African,” explained Kofi Jumeau, who, along with his 43 brothers and sisters, could speak from first-hand experience. “My father had between nine and 11 wives. And unfortunately it really hurt us kids, because there was no family cohesion. It was really bad for us.”


One male with at least 9 wives and 43 children is creating chaos and dysfunction and several dozen “lost boy” throwaway young males.

Read about the problems France is having with polygamous Africans

The “lost boys” are fodder for terrorist groomers who are on the prowl for unprotected vulnerables who are easily groomed

Teaching your children self control, impulse control, personal responsibility and self discipline can benefit not only their social lives but benefit their jobs as well


Self control is the most important lesson a parent can teach their children:

Study says teaching your children  self control (and also impulse control, personal responsibility and self discipline) has a major influence on children’s lives

  • Self control gave huge benefits throughout their working life
  • Could even lead to them being far more likely to finding a job
If you teach your child one thing, make it self control.
A major new study promises parents who work to teach their children self-control could see huge benefits not only in the short-term, but throughout their working life.
It could even lead to them being far more likely to finding a job, the team said.

NOTE: Also self control can help keep your children out of the big house

Broken fathering in Aaron Hernandez’s critical years of 15 to 25

 Power fathering is absolutely critical to youths of the world


Aaron’s father was involved in street fights and various crimes but reportedly straightened out  his life to become a doting father, only to die from surgery when Aaron was 16.  Reportedly his father’s death greatly affected Aaron, leading him into a life of rebellion and ultimate descent into self created disaster.


Update:  Aaron is manipulating his prison guards in classic Induced Sociopathic Ideation Syndrome (ISIS) behavior and classic PTCD behavior!

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The numbers say it all

10,000 marriageable males
10,000  marriageable females
In a faithful monogamous society this equals close to 10,000 couples mostly at peace with each other
In a polygamous society this equals 2500 elite males with 10,000 females (four each).  This leaves 7500 low status males without females.  How to rid themselves of the 7500 low status males?  A recipe for catastrophy.

Multiply this by hundreds if not thousands, an entire society gets more rigid, more repressive, more dysfunctional, endless excuse making, always blaming others, and explodes into chaos.

In the days of worldwide tribal warfare with sticks and stones, the elites would send their throwaway males to kill the throwaway males of neighboring tribes, thus solving the problem of how to rid themselves of throwaway males.

Wake up, world.  Worldwide tribal warfare and their tribal warlords killing each other with sticks and stones has morphed into bombs and nukes and Iphones.  Terrorism starts with rock throwing, and escalates out of control.

RESULTS of study of polygamy in Syria where both monogamy and polygamy are practiced:

Low self esteem, paranoid ideation and psychoticism experienced by wives and children of polygamy


Women in polygamous marriages experienced lower self esteem, less life satisfaction, less marital satisfaction and more mental health symptomatology than women in monogamous marriages.
Many of the mental health symptoms were elevated somatization, depression, hostility and psychoticism and their general severity index was higher. First wives were compared with second and third wives in polygamous marriages. Findings indicated that first wives reported on more family problems, less self esteem, more anxiety, more paranoid ideation, and more psychoticism than second and third wives.
Obviously, mentally and/or emotionally traumatized women are not going to be the world’s best mothers.
The amazing list of research on polygamy vs. monogamy much of which is in the Arab world!

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Eagles understand American Exceptionalism


  • xxeag
  • The bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States, a proud icon of patriotism.

  • But they could serve just as well or better as symbols of faithful monogamy.

  • When one of these beautiful creatures finds his or her mate, the pair stays together for life, thus nurturing their children into powerful adulthood who rule their world