Is the skyrocketing worldwide life expectancy skyrocketing worldwide terrorism?

The evidence is skyrocketing

Peasant males were easy for the elites of polygamy to expel when the life expectancy for young males was in their twenties.

When beta throwaways from dysfunctional polygamous societies died like flies in their youth, there were few throwaways

A few hundred here, a few hundred there.

No problem.

Now, with medical advances, vaccines and meds, a few hundred have become many millions.  Health organizations are keeping throwaways in tiptop shape.  

The millions are escalating into hypersexualized, unstable billions as we speak

More proof that the world’s critical escalating problem is escalating fatherlessness of polygamy/polygyny not racism and/or supremacism….

Why Systemic Fatherlessness is at the core of unstable societies, not racism or supremacism

Skyrocketing systemic tribalistic hypersexualized fatherlessness is causing terrorism, gang warfare, poverty, sloth, addiction, genetic anomalies, human trafficking, instability and misery. The population of out of control tribalistic fatherless cultures is skyrocketing worldwide.  The higher percentage of systemic fatherlessness in a culture or subculture, the higher the percentage of violence, addiction and poverty. Systemic fatherlessness creates poverty, addiction and violence by destabilizing the economy…

The fatherless throwaways of polygamy are pouring over our borders

BETA MALES without women, without sex, without nurturing fathering, without nuclear families.  


Fatherlessness that can give rise to terrorism, gang warfare, poverty, sloth, addiction, genetic anomalies, human trafficking, instability and misery. 


Population movement is fueled by all forms of tribalistiic polygyny which produces escalating throwaways

Population movement is a catastrophe both for the inny and the outy


At least 1,500,000,000 plus believe in various forms of polygamy/ polygyny 

Of those there are at least  1,000,000 polygamous unions  equals  1,000,000 ruling class alpha males  plus  up to 4,000,000 wives (or more) equals up to 3,000,000 (or more) excess throwaway low status young beta males that must be expelled from their homes in their most critical years on the path to responsible, high functioning adulthood  

More or less THREE MILLION THROWAWAY BETA MALES without women, without sex, without nurturing fathering, without nuclear families.  


Definition of crybully

….noun, plural….. cry·bul·lies. a person who self-righteously harasses or intimidates others while playing the victim, especially of a perceived social injustice: It’s just another group of crybullies who never take responsibility for self created problems and always blame others for said problems

Death row inmates and nuclear fatherlessness

In 3 studies of death row inmates of ALL colors in America, most were found to have had a troubled childhood. Most of them had been repeatedly beaten by family members.

Most of them had been raised in homes or inner city neighborhoods where the illegal use of drugs was a matter of course.

Most of them had been exposed to hypersexual violence from infancy on up

The tragic quest for a nurturing nuclear father figure leads vacant eyed “lost boys” to soulless depravities of organized gangs, terrorism, and mindless violence.

Most street violence has been found to be done by young men without father figures. .

Studies show that more than 19 million children of all races across the country, 26 percent are living without a father figure in the home. In some areas, the rate is over 70 percent. More proof that tribalistic fathers are the problem, and nuclear fathers and father figures are the solution

Nuclear stepdads and nuclear foster dads needed – The toughest, most maligned and most critical jobs on the planet

Nuclear stepdads – The toughest and most critical job on the planet

The toughest job in the culture absolutely critical in many young lives

There are some great nuclear stepdads in the world.

Pinch hitters stepping up to the plate and hitting home runs.

As fewer and fewer birth fathers are there for their birth children, stepdads are playing an increasing role in the nurturing of youths

Time for a nuclear stepdad’s day?

Time to praise the disrespected nuclear stepdad

Stepdads not only are disrespected, but consistently maligned.

Stepdads provide financial and emotional support to their stepchildren, often while maintaining relationships with their biological children who do not live with them.

Stepdads are critical in the lives of countless at risk youths at the most critical formative years of their lives.

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 Youths needs nuclear father figures, not hypersexual groomers who are incensing young vulnerables to induced sociopathic acts.

Did George Washington save the modern world from permanent takeover by tribal elites

 Did George Washington bring term limits to the modern world?  

Greatest genius move of all modern times that saved  America from the totalitarian grip of permanent ruling class tribal elites

The history of term limits is murky and reeking of political doubletalk.

The recent amendment of China’s constitution to remove presidential term limits, allowing Xi Jinping to serve in that office indefinitely is not helping the authoritarian regime’s history