The Status of Women in Polygamous Cultures

The Status of Women in Non Monogamous Cultures
Women in many Western developed countries take their role in society for granted. While some inequalities exist in terms of women’s pay vs. what men earn, sexual harassment, and other legitimate concerns, modern women in the US, Europe and other “first world” nations also enjoy the right to vote and wide protections on their personal freedoms.
But this is not the case everywhere. In many countries even today, women are often captured and enslaved by excess throwaway males of tribal non-monogamistic societies. In some tribal societies, the abduction, rape and enslavement of women is not an unusual practice during warfare and is often as common as cattle-raiding.


The Status of Women in Tribalistic Non Monogamous Inner City America

72 percent of children in inner city America are born out of wedlock.    Women and children are abandoned and rejected as a matter of course.  A recipe for broken fathered males and females in their vulnerable years being groomed by gangs, thugs and the sex trade and the drug trade instead of exceptionalist fathering of power monogamy.  The police are not the problem.  Fathers who come and go in their traumatized women’s and children’s lives are the problem.

Recent Examples of the Abduction and Enslavement of Women
Even in so-called developed countries, women are also the target of violence or are forced into slavery.  Even today, there is a thriving sex trafficking industry in some  parts of the world in which women are captured, transported to other countries and forced to work in the sex trade.  In many war-torn regions of Africa, rape is routinely used as a standard weapon of war. And in India, harassment and physical violence towards women has become a national epidemic.

Historical Examples of Raptio
Raptio is an ancient Latin term that refers to the large-scale abduction or women. It describes a long-tradition in world culture of the kidnapping of women for marriage, enslavement or sexual slavery, most frequently in a time of war.  The practice of the large-scale abduction of women dates back the beginnings of recorded history. Excavation of pottery near Asparn-Schletz, Austria, provides evidence of the widespread murder of older men and women during the Neolithic Period but not young adult women and children. This suggests that raiders attacked populations and killed everybody except nubile females, who were abducted and brought back as the spoils of war.

There is even genetic evidence to suggest that the abduction of women was a common practice among primitive tribal societies. In historical migrations, groups of raiding male armies routinely abducted indigenous females, a concept that is backed up by the greater stability of the human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups as compared to the human Y-chomosone DNA haplogroups. In other words, the “mitochondrial Eve” chromosome is estimated to be about 140,000 years old, compared to the “mitochondrial Adam Y chromosome”, which is only about 60,000 years old.

The Rape of Sabine
One of the oldest events in recorded history is the Rape of the Sabine Women, which took place in Rome during the 8th Century B.C. One of the founders of Rome, Romulus, established a settlement on the city’s Palatine Hill that was populated mostly with male followers. Seeking wives, the Romans tried to negotiate a deal with their neighbors, the Sabine tribe, but were unsuccessful.
Rather than face extinction, the Romans planned the widespread abduction of the Sabine’s women. Romulus invited the neighboring tribesmen to a festival of Neptune Equester. When his guests arrived, a signal was given and the Romans grabbed the Sabine tribe’s woman and slaughtered the men. The women were then forced to be the wives of the Romans.


Female Enslavement Throughout History
The entire world has an historical tradition of the abduction and enslavement of women by male populations.  After the Battle at Bigeah the ancient tribe of Benjamin was threatened with extinction.   So they gathered up all the residents of a nearby town in Canaan, slaughtered all the men and non-virgin women, and forced the surviving virginal women to marry the tribe members.  In the 3rd Century A.D., the Goths from Northern Europe raided the Roman provinces of Moesia and Thrace, defeated and murdered the Roman emperor Decius, and captured and enslaved the remaining population, most of whom were Christian women.  Since many of the most high functioning cultures of ancient times also created much of the written history that survives to today, the story naturally is unbalanced.  The most destructive, violent polygamistic cultures of history have left little written record.  The most destructive, violent, low functioning, polygamistic cultures of today are busy busy destroying history as we speak.


The Enslavement of Women Continues
The abduction and enslavement of women has been a part of human culture since the beginning of recorded history. And it remains a very real issue today, despite the comforts and security enjoyed by women in Western developed countries.  Monogamous societies are far from perfect, always have been and always will be, but the numbers don’t lie.  Monogamous cultures and subcultures always outperform tribalistic non monogamous cultures and subcultures.  History has shown us that humanity is predisposed to violating the women’s rights and treating them as chattel whenever a tribalistic polygamous society is in place.

 Traumatized and abandoned mothers make for traumatized, immature, troubled children who are fodder for terrorist thug groomers, sex groomers, addiction groomers, and gang groomers.

The numbers say it all***

At least 1,500,000,000 plus believe in various forms of polygamy

Of those there are at least

1,000,000 polygamous unions


1,000,000 elite males


up to 4,000,000 wives (or more)


up to 3,000,000 (or more)  excess throwaway low status young males that must be expelled from their homes in their most critical years on the path to responsible, high functioning adulthood


Osama bin Laden’s billionaire elite father  fathered a total of 54 children by 22 wives (21 throwaway castoff males just by this one person plus 18 abandoned women). Mohammed bin Laden never had more than four wives at a time—throwing out his older wives and marrying new younger ones as desired to limit the number of current wives to four. Mohammed was planning to wed a 23rd wife the night he died, and was heading there when his company plane crashed in southwest Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed bin Laden was said to have so many children he hardly knew their names.

Broken chaotic fathering of tribalistic polygamy, along with abandoned, traumatized women assuredly gave rise to the atrocity of 9/11.

9/11 terrorist act was not about poverty or lack of money, because Osama’s father was rich.

The poverty was in the fathering.

Wife of Paris kosher deli terrorist had a chaotic, troubled PTCD childhood in foster homes after her mother died when she was young

New terrorist video shows wife of  kosher deli

Boumeddiene’s husband Amedy Coulibaly killed four people at the kosher Hyper Cacher market in the eastern part of the French capital and was killed by police following an hours-long standoff

Authorities have been searching for Boumeddiene since the Paris attacks

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FFFFF Lizard brain

Feed, F**k, Fight, Flee, and Feel Good equals the F’s of lizard brains

The lizard brain is hungry, scared, angry, and horny

The lizard brain likes a fight

Instant gratification rules the lizard brain

There is no such a thing as impulse control for the lizard brain

The lizard brain is vulnerable to historical hysterical grievance and is easily hate mongered and easily demagogued

Status  in the tribe is essential to the survival of the lizard brain which is why lizard brains fight each other just as much as they fight everyone else.  All tribal lizard brain violence is sex based, the angry bulls fighting each other for sex.  The uneducated lizard brains are easily demagogued so burning schools and killing teachers has a vital purpose.


Amazing reform candidate in IRAN is running on a platform that includes outlawing polygamy and instituting EXCEPTIONALIST MONOGAMY

There is serious research concerning monogamy vs. polygamy in the Arab world and what appears to be a growing awareness of the violence, sloth, and destabilizing nature of polygamy.

The West has been clueless regarding the connection between terrorism and polygamy.

“An earth shaking fever for change for the better is sweeping through Iran’s Islamic Republic.

Mousavi recently  announced his bid for presidency, explaining he could “no longer stand to see… [Iran] moving toward dictatorship” under the hardline of Ahmadinejad.”

“Mousavi has already taken steps to back his words with action.

In an unprecedented move, Mousavi, the leading reformist contender, introduced his wife Zahra Rahnavard onto the campaign platform alongside him.

Rahnavard is an accomplished intellectual in her own right – a sculptor, author and chancellor of Tehran’s liberal arts-strong Al-Zahra University.

She will also be Iran’s first First Lady – in the public sense of the term – if her husband is elected.

Already, she is being touted as a national heroine, her face gazing out alongside Mousavi’s on posters and her name being chanted at rallies and demonstrations.”

It’s time for worldwide laws banning the violence, sloth, and abuse of polygamy and the abusive temporary marriages

“Furthermore, in perhaps one of the most radical statements he has made to date, Mousavi declared his belief in legal monogamy, in stark contrast to Islamic law which allows men four “permanent wives” and countless “temporary marriages”.”

 This is the incredible power of the social media at work, these youths all have their smart phones.  The days of the terrorists are numbered……… (Unfortunately, they just don’t know it yet)

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Are the Hmong gangs in America a direct result of the broken fathering and throwaway low status males of a polygamous society?

A Perspective of Polygamy In the Hmong Culture

 Polygamy in the Hmong culture, the resulting destructive effect on their families and the violence of young low status throwaway males of polygamy

The Hmong hold on to their practice of polygamy regardless of the American law. Most first generation women turn a blind eye to their husband’s desire for another wife. It is the children, their sons and daughters who were born and raised in America, that now challenge this practice.

Throughout the United States, the number of Hmong gangs and the level of their criminal activity is increasing in severity. Their participation in criminal activity has evolved over time. During that evolution, they have become involved in a wide range of crimes, such as homicides, gang rapes, prostitution, home invasions, burglaries, auto thefts, and, most recently, the sale and distribution of illicit drugs. read more at:

Low self esteem, paranoid ideation and psychoticism experienced by wives and children of polygamy

RESULTS of study of polygamy in Syria where both monogamy and polygamy are practised:


Findings revealed that women in polygamous marriages experienced lower self esteem, less life satisfaction, less marital satisfaction and more mental health symptomatology than women in monogamous marriages. Many of the mental health symptoms were different; noteworthy were elevated somatization, depression, hostility and psychoticism and their general severity index was higher. Furthermore, “first wife syndrome” was examined in polygamous families, comparing first with second and third wives in polygamous marriages. Findings indicated that first wives reported on more family problems, less self esteem, more anxiety, more paranoid ideation, and more psychoticism than second and third wives.


The sado sexual crime of female genital mutilation is almost SOLELY practiced in the chaotic violent world of polygamy where the old bulls of polygamy need to subjugate helpless young girls by keeping them uneducated and under absolute control***


The sado sexual crime of FGM

One early morning in an African village not far from Nairobi, Kenya, young girls are roused from sleep and taken to a nearby river. The waters are cold, helping to arrest the bleeding from a first menstrual cycle, making their genitalia stand out and slightly numb. Soon an elder village midwife takes the children one by one and with a rusty razor, scissors or shard of glass cuts out the clitoris, slices off the labia and applies ashes, herbs or cow dung to staunch the flow of blood. As the girl writhes in pain, other women hold her arms down, her legs apart, her mouth shut tight so that she cannot run away or alarm the other unsuspecting children waiting in their cool bath.

Over 80 million women in the world today have been subjected to similar barbaric mutilation, a traditional practice that continues unabated in at least 28 African countries. According to the Minority Rights Group International, 90 percent of women in northern Sudan, Ethiopia and Mali, and nearly 100 percent in Somalia and Djibouti, undergo ritualistic genital excision.Lesser mutilations are performed on women in parts of the Middle East and Pakistan, and among some Muslims in Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka.

Typically the mutilations occur at puberty. But in many countries the procedure is performed on infants and in many others on girls between the ages of 7 and 10. Increasingly girls are excised at a younger age with none of the traditional ceremony associated with ritual initiation into womanhood. These young women are deprived of the organs of sexual pleasure, subjected to hideous pain in urination, menstruation and intercourse, and suffer multiple medical complications throughout their adult lives.

These practices continue almost solely in polygamous cultures and subcultures.


Hitler’s chaotic childhood with a brutal father and castrophic losses of all but one family member

Would history have been far different if Hitler had had a power exceptionalist  childhood?

Did Hitler suffer from PTCD?  Sociopathy acquired from childhood traumas?

zzzjoyceortnerwave 006

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler. Adolf had five siblings, but only one lived past childhood:

  • Gustav died at the age of two in 1887
  • Ida died at the age of two in 1888
  • Otto died within a year of birth in 1887
  • Edmund died at the age of six in 1900
  • His sister, Paula, was born in 1896 and lived until 1960

Alois was an Austrian customs official and he was able to provide his family with a comfortable lifestyle; however, he and his son did not get along. Alois had a terrible temper and had a general bad attitude. He was obnoxious and conceited, and he often took his problems out on his children.


Adolf Hitler’s childhood losses could have played a role in his later personality and style. He suffered quite a number of losses before his death. As we mentioned, four of his five siblings did not live past their childhood, although the majority of them died before he was even born. At the age of 14, his father Alois passed away.

On December 21, 1907, one of the greatest losses that Hitler felt in his life was the death of his mother to breast cancer.

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Jay-Z writes a check for $56 million to purchase a Scandinavian streaming company


It’s never too late, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to embrace power monogamy to bring exceptionalism to every aspect of your lives and your children’s lives.

By all accounts, Jay-Z had a catastrophic  broken father upbringing by an abandoned mother, and all sorts of typical immature fergusonian/polygamy problems until he married Beyonce.




Only time will tell.

Will J and B bring the magic of power exceptionalism into their lives?

Power monogamy fathering has a ripple effect that spreads way out into the pond.

Broken 4F fathering has a ripple effect as well, bringing immaturity, sloth, violence, poverty and chaos that echos through the culture

Democracy never works in polygamous cultures and/or subcultures***

Most of the most violent, poverty stricken,  dysfunctional, slothful, unhappy cultures and subcultures on earth practice various forms of tribalist polygamy

The more violent and rigid the form of polygamy, the greater the need for violent, rigid, repressive governments

This is why democracy fails in polygamistic cultures and subcultures where the elitist old bulls are busy busy acquiring all the young girls and trumping up extremist ways to rid themselves of  young males

Democracy only works in exceptionalist monogamistic cultures where self disciplined people play by the rules and self disciplined fathers spend their lifetimes nurturing their children through the critical formative years, and far beyond into the wonderous world of American exceptionalism.



The worst fathering on the planet bar none


Most of the most violent cultures on earth practice various forms of tribalistic polygamy

Vacant eyed lizard brain throwaways of polygamy are being expelled into the monogamous world daily


“NO NO and NO you fools!  We want you to get rid of young males NOT young females.”

 Throwaway ferals of polygamy tossed into the inferno of terrorism by the old bulls in their sex crazed need to rid their world of unwanted low status males?
The old bulls of polygamy having a harder and harder time to kill off the low status young ferals.  Hundreds of thousands of low status young males need to be expelled yearly.
In the days of polygamous tribal warfare, both sides needed to rid themselves of throwaway males, who gladly killed each other off with gusto.
Not so any more when they need to immediately post selfies of themselves.
The world of tribalist polygamy is in a nihilist death spiral.  Hell bent on destroying itself and the whole world.  Accelerating out of control as we speak.  The products of broken non monogamous fathering is being manipulated by the tribal warlords who are turning them vacant eyed and violent thugs
By all accounts, the feral throwaways are wearing expensive watches, posting their depravities on the social media, and strapping bombs onto subjugated 10 year old girls.
Not what the old bulls want.

Why are muslims in the West far less violent than muslims born and raised in polygamous muslim countries?***

Why are muslims born and raised in Western monogamous societies far less violent than muslims born and raised in polygamous muslim countries?
Is it because muslims in the West practice power monogamy rather than tribalistic polygamy?
Why do muslims in polygamous societies spend so much time killing each other?
Is it the endless struggle of the old bulls to somehow rid themselves of the excess low status feral males of polygamy?
So the old bulls have more young girls?

Blame shifters are an essential part of the violence, not part of the solution.***


And no, all you accomplished blame shifters out there, American exceptionalism is NOT the broken fathering of any and all non monogamist tribalistic and polygamous  cultures.

The broken fathering of all tribalistic (WE’RE IT, YOU’RE SHIT) (WIYS) polygamy  underlies all violence in what remains of our beautiful world

Blame shifters are an essential part of the violence, not part of the solution.

Wherever American exceptionalism goes, it raises it’s adherants to the top of their culture.  (Cream rises to the top, while the poisonous sludge sinks to the bottom.)


The sociopathic triad of terrorism: suicide, homicide and sex with dead girls***

crocsupreThe sociopathic triad of terrorism: suicide, homicide and sex with dead girls inculcated into immature, vulnerable, broken fathered, throwaway  youths, underlies the sociopathic nature of  ISIS atrocities

The evidence is overwhelming:

behind every act of international terrorism lie countless levels of groomers lurking in the shadows and carefully covering up their own tracks.

lizard brain youths are easy to control,

and ultimately groom into:

the sociopathic personality disorder


Exceptionalist fathers of power monogamy needed

Wake up, exceptionalists.

Very likely that the conflict in the Ukraine is about ISIS vs. Russia.

Is ISIS after Hong Kong as well?

Don’t be hoodwinked by phony claims of long dead grievance, by cleverly written scripts from those who are out to destroy civilization once again.

The Ukraine has a weak government, incapable of standing up to the sado sexual fiends of ISIS.

Remember Beslan?  The Russians in the area remember Beslan loud and clear.  This is a battle between Putin and  ISIS.  The Russians in the area are picking Putin over ISIS.

Would you pick ISIS?  Or Putin?

Personal freedom is an impossibility in the violent, slothful, broken fathered, hypersexualized chaos of the polygamous societies that are producing 80% of ISIS***

Low status lizard brain throwaway males must be disposed of, in their critical formative years of 13 to 25.

Every aspect of the lives of young males before their expulsion must be rigidly controlled by 24/7 hypnotic, rigid, mind controlling rituals to prepare them for their eventual rejection.

Impossible to meet standards must be continually revised and carefully  rationalized to rid the elitist old bulls of unwanted young males




.Genghis Khan, in his genocidal rampage of terrorism across the struggling, barely civilized, emerging monogamous world of the 1200s, had a catastrophic polygamous, broken fathered youth in the critical years of terrorist grooming***

cropped-ferrrel.jpgGenghis Khan was a tribal warlord polygamist whose hordes rampaged out of central asia.  He had hundreds of sex slaves and wives, all of which created endless numbers of easily controlled, violent, broken fathered lizard brain throwaways

When Genghis Khan’s terrorist empire in Central Asia fell apart, part of his terrorists went to the Central Asian muslim world that today is a hotbed of tribalistic polygamous terrorism.

Read more of  horrific broken fathering –   Genghis Khan’s father arranged a marriage for him at the age of nine, then he was taken by his father and dumped onto the tribe of his future wife.  On the way back from abandoning his son, his father was poisoned by a neighboring tribe who offered him food.

After his high status father was poisoned, Genghis became a low status throwaway male of polygamy.  He and his mother and siblings were expelled from his father’s polygamous tribe into the wilderness where they subsisted on wild ox carcasses and wild fruits…………

It goes downhill from there…………….

History of thuggees and their tie to polygamy***

History of thuggees

The original thuggees (from which the term “thug” came from) were seven POLYGAMOUS tribes of Islam.


Is ISIS just plain old thuggees?  Still violent, immature, sociopathic,  sado sexual, unspeakably treacherous…

Were the original thuggees the violent throwaways of the broken fathering of polygamy? The original thugees were both muslim and Sikh.

The Sikhs were polygamous during the years of thuggees.  Were the Sikh thuggees also the broken fathered throwaway males of polygamy?  The truth is long lost in the endless rewriting of history.  What is sure is that the thugees were not exceptionalists and certainly didn’t practice power fathering. >

Watercolour by an unknown artist from the early 19th century purporting to show three Thugs in the process of strangling the traveller: one holds the feet, another the hands, while a third tightens the ligature around the neck.

A sketch by the same artist purporting to show a group of Thugs stabbing the eyes of three travellers they have recently strangled, preparatory to further mutilation and deposition in the well.


CJ’s back!***

CJ’s back!

American exceptionalist in the making, obviously the child of fabulous, self disciplined, responsibility taking, exceptionalist parenting



“Indoctrination … is real in our schools. And the only way that we can combat this indoctrination is to be a different voice on the opposite side of the aisle and teach our young people that limited government, freedom and liberty are the best values. And they’re something that they deserve,” Pearson says.


The student says the party must be seen as a “group of diverse Americans who are in love with freedom, liberty and the constitutional rights that our founding fathers gave us that are God-given rights.”

 read more

Remember, everybody, there are Black exceptionalists, Latino exceptionalists, Asian exceptionalists, Jewish exceptionalists, as well as white exceptionalists; they all practice power monogamy; there are exceptionalists in every culture on earth, power monogamists always rise to the top of their culture!

The road to exceptionalism is arduous, but the results are EXCEPTIONAL!

Dr. Phil is a power father who practices power of monogamy in his life bringing the prosperity and peace of exceptionalism into his family’s life***

“People cannot understand when we say we don’t fight,” said wife Robin. “They go, ‘That’s just not natural. You’re lying! Couples fight.’ But we don’t fight and it’s because we had a conversation early on and I told him that it’s not natural for me to be in a house where people are screaming and yelling — my parents didn’t do it, I don’t do it and I don’t want to live in a house like that. He got it and has never raised his voice around me. We don’t fight.”

Dr. Phil shares tips for a happy marriage in books such as Relationship Rescue and Family First.

Dr. Phil and Robin are parents to two lucky sons: Jay, 34, and Jordan, 27.  Jay and Jordan grew up with the ultimate power fathering of monogamy


The exceptionalist king of Jordan

Is this the leader that the muslim world needs?  Only time will tell.

Many of us think that the only ones who can stop muslim terrorism are muslims themselves.

King Abdullah of Jordan is the first monarch of Jordan to embrace power monogamy.  All the rest of Jordan’s kings were polygamous.

Jordan is mostly monogamistic.

Jordan has high literacy rate, low violence………………………. exceptionalistic monogamy stabilizes societies wherever it goes.


Sounds like Tom Brady is a true American exceptionalist, the result of generations of faithful power monogamy fathering. ***

Let’s hope he stays on the highly disciplined and arduous road to power monogamy fathering

  • Tom Brady’s high school coach and teammates in San Mateo, California have high praise for football star
  • High school football coach Tom MacKenzie says ‘He’s a good player but he’s a far better person’
  • MacKenzie blames NFL for deflate-gate
  • Everyone thought Brady was bound for a baseball career. He was being drafted by the Expos 
  • ‘We had code on field,’ reveals his wide receiver and pal. ‘Whenever there’d be a good match up, I’d bend down and roll up my sock and he’d pull down on his face mask’
  • Pals once stuffed him in a locker and he wasn’t found until Coach MacKenzie saw he was missing from church service
  • Favorite son: Tom Brady was not only an all-star athlete at Junipero Serra High School - he was an all-around good guy and his coaches and friends believe the deflate-gate scandal is just a lot of hot air. They're full of pride as their San Mateo hometown hero gets set to play in the Super Bowl for the seventh time on Sunday


‘He was an all-American kid. He kept his nose clean. His parents expected him to represent the family name, be respectful, honest.


Favorite son: Tom Brady was not only an all-star athlete at Junipero Serra High School – he was an all-around good guy and his coaches and friends believe the deflate-gate scandal is just a lot of hot air. They’re full of pride as their San Mateo hometown hero gets set to play in the Super Bowl for the seventh time on Sunday

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Exceptionalist monogamist father plus exceptionalist monogamist mother equals  exceptionalist children; cherished, productive, non violent, and at peace with themselves and the world




More evidence that poverty doesn’t cause violence in this stunningly clueless, got it totally backwards “study”***


Study: Poor Boys Are More Likely to Fight, Lie, and Steal If They Live in Mixed-Income Housing





Local governments are increasingly promoting mixed-income housing as a tool for fighting poverty, on the assumption that economic integration gives low-income children a better chance at overcoming poverty. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, for instance, has set a target of building 200,000 affordable housing units in the city, and he wants them to be distributed throughout mixed-income and more affluent neighborhoods. “Our goal is really to foster more economically diverse neighborhoods,” Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, told the New York Times.


These programs rest on the assumption that mixed-income communities benefit low-income residents. Poorer children might profit from access to better neighborhood schools and facilities; the aspirations of their better-off, more future-oriented peers might rub off on them. Such a housing policy seems especially attractive when you consider that a child born into a low-income neighborhood has a 64 percent chance of moving down the socioeconomic ladder over the course of his life. Low-income neighborhoods suffer from higher crime rates, lower educational attainment, and poorer health; recent research even found a connectionbetween growing up in a poor neighborhood and PTSD.


But a new paper in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry suggests that mixed-income housing has its own problems, too.




A team of researchers at Duke University found that low-income boys in mixed-income communities are more likely than their peers in uniformly poor neighborhoods to engage in anti-social behavior such as fighting, lying, and stealing. The greater the economic inequality in the neighborhood, the worse the low-income boys in this study fared.


“Our initial thought was that low-income children growing up alongside more affluent neighbors would do better than their peers growing up in concentrations of poverty,” says Odgers. “What we found was really surprising: The low-income boys who grew up in more affluent neighborhoods actually engage in more anti-social behavior than their peers living in very high-poverty neighborhoods.”


Great American exceptionalist Dr. Phil steps in to save a troubled young male badly in need of a strong positive father figure***

Exceptionalist moms and exceptionalist  dads are there for their children 24/7  and guiding them through the critical years of 0 to 25.



Nick Gordon believed he was meeting Dr Phil to conduct an interview after feeling that he has been publicly ‘vilified.’ Instead he found his mother, Michelle, and Dr Phil united in their mission to save his life

Gordon found Bobbi Kristina and was administering CPR when first responders arrived. Little is known about the whole event.

It is possible that Bobbi Kristina had drugs in her system and was drinking when  she was found face down in the tub.

Read more about this saga of broken fathering – more evidence that violence is not about poverty but instead is about broken fathering

There is more evidence every day that much (not all) of the worldwide drug addication scene is accompanied by broken fathering

read about intervention

Polygamy is the Source of Most of the World’s Problems

Tribalistic polygamy in all it’s many forms, and it’s inherent elitist exploitation of the young and vulnerable, is the source of most of the world’s woes, including international terrorism, gang warfare, street violence and even global poverty. Generations of catastrophic fathering – and/or lack of fathering – has resulted in our current fractured and dysfunctional world.

History has proven that cultures that practice exceptionalist monogamy – such as the Roman Empire, Europe during the Reformation, Elizabethan England, and America during World Wars I and II – achieve far more than cultures that have been undermined by forms of tribalistic polygamy.


Examples of Thriving Cultures


China and India are two of the most successful cultures in the world today in terms of economic growth and improving the quality of life for their citizens. It’s no accident that both nations have long practiced power monogamy.  People there must marry for life. There’s no such things like divorce and infidelity is not tolerated.
In the ancient world, the original Israelites as described in the Old Testament exemplified the benefits of monogamy. Even though they were persecuted for centuries by everyone from the Egyptians to the Nazis, Jewish culture has continued to thrive to this day.
Christianity started valuing the power of monogamy, and the religion is widely credited with spreading monogamy and it’s inherent values of hard work, lifelong commitment to children, and self-discipline to cultures throughout the world.


What Happened?


Somewhere along the way, humanity lost its way. People began to be obsessed with sex as entertainment. As a result of this weakening of the collective will, monogamy and its benefits of peace, prosperity and a positive work ethic has been dismissed as a minor social phenomenon at best, or a passing fad at worst.
Need proof that this shift towards polygamy is undermining our essential humanness?

Just as the entire polygamous world embraced slavery in the past, some polygamous cultures are still engaging in human slavery in the 21st Century.


A Crisis in Fathering


In the wake of the rise of polygamy and the corresponding fall of monogamy as a legitimate way of life, there has been a catastrophic crisis in fathering. Without the values of fathering, the result is violence, lost prosperity, and poverty. And the ultimate result of a catastrophic crisis in fathering is the rise of modern terrorism.


Violence Causes Poverty

There are many who believe that violence is a result of poverty. But in reality, broken fathering is the cause of both violence and poverty. Gang warfare and violence in our streets is the result of the erosion of the father as a role model. Without this type of guidance, people can’t make the right decisions for themselves – and, as an extension, for their culture – and the result is a breakdown in peace, prosperity and growth as a culture.


Monogamy is the One and Only Answer


What the world needs today is the power and prosperity and peace of monogamy. By putting value on having one faithful spouse for life, our children can rise above the current state of violent dysfunction and embrace the underlying values that originally made our culture the strongest, most successful and most powerful society that ever existed in human history.


All polygamous societies must rid themselves of excess low status “Lost Boys” throwaway males to make more girls available for older men*


Up to 1,000 teenage boys have been taken from their parents under various ruses and thrown out of their communities by a polygamous sect to make more young women available for older  men, Utah officials claim.

Utah officials say they were thrown out to make more young girls available for older men in the sect.

These “Lost Boys”, some as young as 13, have been dumped on the side of the road in Arizona and Utah, and told they will never see their families again and never go to heaven.

The ripple effect of tossed out “lost boys” goes far beyond the event itself.  The chaos of this inexcusable act will destabilize the entire community.

Imagine the chaos with throwaway boys of cultures with many thousands of polygamous members.

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A clever ruse of the old bulls of polygamy to rid themselves of excess males:*

Execute excess throwaway feral boys for watching soccer

ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer

13 throwaways disposed of.  Cause for celebration.  13 more girls available.

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Time to hold broken fathering and/or no fathering accountable. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE POLICE! The problem is the catastrophic fathering of inner city youths*

THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE POLICE!  The core problem is the catastrophic broken and/or no fathering of inner city youths*

  • Example of classic terrorist grooming:

  • Blame shift instead of taking personal responsibility

  • Bronx Public Attorneys (leaders of their community) Under Fire for Appearing in Rap Video Calling for Death of Cops –

A publicly funded firm is in danger of losing it’s money after their lawyers were discovered participating in a local music video calling for police deaths.

The lawyers, Kumar Rao and Ryan Napoli of the Bronx Defenders, appeared in the video as two lawyers comforting a grieving mother.

Leaders would not do this.  Demagogues do this, knowing they are stirring troubled youths to violence

The men were well aware that the video had anti-cop sentiment, with one man emailing another “I love this song!”

A hint: the opening verse of the song, which says, “For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed / […] Time to start killing these coppers.”



 Just as all international terrorism is top down, all inner city violence and gang warfare is TOP DOWN.  Time for all fathers and father figures and leaders to take charge of their children and raise them to be happy, prosperous, monogamous adults.



Father figures are absolutely essential throughout the critical years of 1 to 25*

All boys want and need a father figure in their lives. When a young boy loses his father during military service, the loss can be crushing. Had his father not volunteered to be one of the 1% of Americans who serve in uniform, he could have grown up with a male role model by his side to set an example of courage and to celebrate his achievements.

When a young males loses his father or never has a father in his life, the results are devastating.   Growing up with a father to set an example of what it means to be an adult male is essential in the transition from the dangers of thuggism to responsibile male.