The numbers say it all

At least 1,500,000,000 plus believe in various forms of polygamy

Of those there are at least

1,000,000 polygamous unions


1,000,000 elite males


up to 4,000,000 wives (or more)


up to 3,000,000 (or more)  excess throwaway low status young males that must be expelled from their homes in their most critical years on the path to responsible, high functioning adulthood

More or less THREE MILLION THROWAWAY MALES without women, without sex, without their families.


More or less three million throwaway males loaded onto boats and sent to the clueless West.  A few children and a few women are carefully paraded out in front with tears.  Terrorist groomers who sit in safety with young girls locked up at home.  Terrorist groomers who send other people’s children to murder other people’s children while feigning innocence and outrage.


Teaching your children to hate either their father or their mother will mess them up for life



Hate mongering and blame shifting are classic terrorist grooming techniques that mess children up for life

Children are not possessions that can be used as weapons

Exceptionalist parents act like adults, not immature teenagers.  Exceptionalist parents rise above the tragedy of divorce when children are young and vulnerable.

Children locked up when they refused to see their father have created a troubling situation.  Parents hate mongering each other to their children instead of taking responsibility are contributing to the mental instability of their children:



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3% of the polygamous population in UK are causing 30% of genetic disabilities



Trickle down effect.  Since all polygamous societies have increased genetic problems, the problem is not just marriage to cousins.

The genetic problems are caused by a few elite males having all the children.  The genetic problems compound down the generations as genetic problems spread throughout the population

All polygamy rots the gene pool.

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Truth is the only pathway to freedom


The truth is not racism

The truth sets people free from the shackles of the false narratives of all the tribalistic one sided, cherry picked, historical revisionisms of the long dead past


Tribal warlords are so OVER!!

Time for any and all tribal warlords to go out and get a job.

taxpayer funded polygamy in the UK

razorbobb 002

Polygamy is the incubator of all terrorism


Polygamy is the incubator of all terrorism
Polygamy rots the gene pool
Every polygamous union automatically creates a number of throwaway, fractured fathered young males who are fodder for terrorist groomers

UK taxpayers are financing the rise of their own terrorist State.

The UK estimates polygamy is very high among the young.
It is estimated as many as 100,000 polygamous couples are feeding off of taxpayer bucks.

100,000 polygamous couples gives rise to as many as 200,000 or 300,000 throwaway excess young males who are tossed out of their community.
Polygamous couples are being married in secretive  ceremonies

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Classic terrorist grooming techniques are being used on your children. Wake up, Black America

Wake up, Black America

7 dead, 30 wounded in Chicago over the weekend


Wake up, Black America.

Classic terrorist grooming techniques are being used on your children.

You are being used by the denizens of death who sit in safety, counting the money they get for acts of terror.

Turning America into a third world hellhole will not solve the problems of third world hellholes

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Lizard brain alert: Polygamous societies must maintain rigid control over little girls.

Educated girls are harder for the old bulls of polygamy to control.



Afghanistan: Lizard brain terrorists throw acid into girls’ faces because they were going to school

 razorbobb 002

Kabul, Afghanistan:

Little girls on their way to school have acid thrown in their faces by two lizard brains on motorbikes.

Who are the groomers behind this act of terror?  The terrorist groomers who are using false religious narratives to justify acts of evil will have to answer to the god of all of us.  Turning young vulnerables into monsters is not tolerated in the world of nuclear families

The schoolgirls, two of whom are in critical condition, were told “This is the punishment for going to school.”

Behind this false religious narrative is the fact that educated girls are very hard to control.  (Just ask any of my relatives ;))

More proof that polygamy causes violence and destabilizes society.

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Slavery and polygamy

For reasons that are being obfuscated, most of the slavery in the 21st century takes place in polygamous societies.
Throughout history, slavery has been associated with slothful polygamous elites who take most of the available young women for themselves.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies do not practice slavery, indeed, exceptionalist monogamist societies have led the fight against slavery.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies, however imperfectly,  are the only ones who have fought to abolish slavery.
 Always have, always will
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