Polygamous societies must deny normal contact with females to all their beta male throwaways

Teenage victim of  sex mob reveals how she and her friends were surrounded by 30 sex crazed men from polygamous societies who are denied any and all normal contact with females and who are frequently subjected to a culture where helpless boys are hypersexualized………..the guaranteed road to terrorism and violence and instability and immaturity and unhappiness and induced sociopathy……fodder for predatory elites who sit in safety


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Terrorism as well as gang warfare is exacerbated by America’s open borders where violence and chaos reign

Gang warfare, homelessness, terrorism and the heroin problem is exacerbated by open borders

Mexico as well as inner city America is being destabilized by the open borders.  Gang warfare and terrorist grooming are escalating as we speak.

If crime and terrorism pay a lot more money than a job, guess what! If vulnerable youths make HUGE amounts of money illegally, guess what!

If troubled vulnerable youths make HUGE amounts of money from terrorism and inducing others to become terrorists, guess what!

Our prisons are bulging with the offal of the open borders.


Drug overdose deaths are sweeping the nation.

In 2014, more people died from drug overdoses than from car accidents!

Not only inner city America, but Mexico is being destabilized by the chaos on our open borders.

Closing the borders may well be a boon for Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Half a million Americans have died from drug overdoses, mostly heroin and other opiates, more than ten times more than the number of Americans who died fighting the entire Vietnam War.

 Time to grow up and stop fueling terrorism and terrorist groomers.