Inbreeding of polygamy leads to the big house and to terrorism


Around 70 percent of Pakistanis, 45 percent of Arabs and 25-30 percent of Turks are children of blood-related parents, usually first-cousin marriages.

These are staggering numbers and the impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society among  are enormous.

Many of polygamy’s genetic problems often live in places with no public resources for handicapped people.

Inbreeding of polygamy is connected with long list of risks. Among them are still births, infant death, low intelligence, physical diseases and handicaps and psychiatric problems.

There is a clear connection between the negative effects of inbreeding and terrorism. In some cases, people with low intelligence or other mental handicaps have been easy to lure into becoming suicide bombers.

Inbreeding of polygamy increases the risks of handicaps and disorders, that in one way or another can decrease one’s ability to function in a modern world.

Low intelligence and certain psychiatric disorders – which can be the result of inbreeding of polygamy – is known to increase risk of delinquent behavior.

The prisons of the world are teeming with psychiatric disorders of all kinds


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