All international terrorism is basically the ancient tribalistic polygamous fight to the death for sex. The old elites need all the young girls for themselves, thus creating the need to kill off or expel low status young males…..

The tribal warlords of history would send their young throwaways to kill the young throwaways of other tribes, thus solving the problem of excess young males. Today it’s a bit more complicated for the elite old bulls to rid themselves of unwanted young males.

The fight to the death for sex destabilizes all polygamous societies. The one and only pathway to prosperity and peace lies in the exceptionalism of exceptionalist monogamy…..


There are black exceptionalists, Latino exceptionalists, Asian exceptionalists, Jewish exceptionalists, middle eastern exceptionalists, indigenous exceptionalists, as well as white exceptionalists; they all practice exceptionalist monogamy; there are exceptionalists in every culture on earth.
Exceptionalist monogamists rise to the top of their culture, while tribalistic polygamists sink to the bottom of their culture.

Exceptionalist fathers of exceptionalist monogamy nurture their children into high work ethic, non violent, productive, happy adulthood. The exceptionalist fathering monogamy is the key to the fabled work ethic, non violence and prosperity of american exceptionalism.

Catastrophic fractured fathering crisis in the world: Catastrophic fractured fathering causes violence. Catastrophic fractured fathering destroys prosperity. Catastrophic fractured fathering causes poverty. Catastrophic fractured fathering causes terrorism. Poverty does NOT create violence, FRACTURED FATHERING underlies both poverty and violence. Gang warfare and street violence are caused by the catastrophic fractured fathering of tribalistic polygamy.
The problem with street violence isn’t the police, or America or Israel or whatever. The problem is catastrophic fractured fathers of generations of tribalistic polygamy.

One faithful spouse married to one faithful spouse raises youths up out of the dysfunction of fractured fathering.


Exceptionalist fathering of exceptionalist monogamy is the key to American exceptionalism and the fabled American work ethic. Non violence and resulting prosperity of exceptionalism and one faithful spouse raises youths up out of the immaturity of broken fathering.

Gang warfare and street violence and all international terrorism are caused by the catastrophic fractured fathering of the elites of tribalistic polygamy. International terrorism is caused by the ongoing need for the elites of polygamy to rid themselves in catastrophic manner, of low status, throwaway males thus creating immature, violent, destabilized societies.

Studies in Syria have shown low self esteem, paranoid ideation and psychoticism are experienced by wives and children of polygamy. 80% of all ISIS comes from four countries that practice polygamy.

Any and all acts of fractured fathering have a ripple effect that goes far beyond the act itself.

Tribalistic polygamist cultures and subcultures remain mired in sloth, slavery, domestic violence, regular violence, inbreeding, rotting of the gene pool, hypersexualized fractured fathered youths running amok and brutalized, abandoned, subjugated women.

International terrorism and urban street violence are based in fractured fathering.

Poverty does NOT create violence, the CATASTROPHIC VIOLENCE OF FRACTURED FATHERING creates poverty.

Parallels between the “lost boys” of FLDS polygamists and the low status throwaways of Islamic polygamists

“Lost boys” is a term used for young men who have been excommunicated or pressured to leave polygamous FLDS groups.

They are pressured to leave by older adult men to reduce competition for wives within such sects, usually when the boys are between the ages of 13 and 21. The 13 to 21 years are critical in the development of child to adult. Many boys are banished for misconduct such as talking to a girl or watching television! (Sound familiar?) These boys have little ability to deal with such catastrophic rejection.

Up to 1,000 teenage boys have been taken from their parents under various ruses and thrown out of their communities by a polygamous sect to make more young women available for older men, Utah officials claim.

Utah officials say they were thrown out to make more young girls available for older men in the sect.

These “Lost Boys”, some as young as 13, have been dumped on the side of the road in Arizona and Utah, and told they will never see their families again and never go to heaven.

Authorities say that the boys “are dropped off in neighboring towns, facing hunger, homelessness, and homesickness, and most cripplingly, a belief in a future of suffering and darkness”.

The ripple effect of tossed out “lost boys” goes far beyond the event itself. The chaos of this inexcusable act will destabilize the entire community.

The chaos with throwaway boys of cultures with many thousands of polygamous members.

The ripple effect of such catastrophic rejection spreads throughout the community just as surely as the ongoing similar catastrophic expulsion of young males spreads throughout the polygamous world of international terrorism


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