Putin defends Russia’s ban on youth-focused sexual propaganda: ‘I believe we should leave kids in peace’

From thousands of years ago, and into thousands of years into the future, the most happy, non violent, well adjusted adults were protected from sexual exploitation when they were children, both male and female.

By all accounts, sexual exploiters of children were almost all sexually exploited themselves when they were young.

By all accounts, sexual exploitation when they were children is a factor in the psyche of those who are attracted to the world of international terrorism.

By all accounts, sexual exploitation when they were children is a factor in the psyche of most violent prisoners in the prisons of the world.


Inbreeding of polygamy leads to the big house and to terrorism


Around 70 percent of Pakistanis, 45 percent of Arabs and 25-30 percent of Turks are children of blood-related parents, usually first-cousin marriages.

These are staggering numbers and the impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society among  are enormous.

Many of polygamy’s genetic problems often live in places with no public resources for handicapped people.

Inbreeding of polygamy is connected with long list of risks. Among them are still births, infant death, low intelligence, physical diseases and handicaps and psychiatric problems.

There is a clear connection between the negative effects of inbreeding and terrorism. In some cases, people with low intelligence or other mental handicaps have been easy to lure into becoming suicide bombers.

Inbreeding of polygamy increases the risks of handicaps and disorders, that in one way or another can decrease one’s ability to function in a modern world.

Low intelligence and certain psychiatric disorders – which can be the result of inbreeding of polygamy – is known to increase risk of delinquent behavior.

The prisons of the world are teeming with psychiatric disorders of all kinds


Is the skyrocketing life expectancy skyrocketing terrorism?

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The evidence is skyrocketing

Throwaway males were easy for the elites of polygamy to expell when the life expectancy for young males was in their twenties.

When throwaways from dysfunctional polygamous societies died like flies in their youth, there were few throwaways

A few hundred here, a few hundred there.

No problem.

Now, with medical advances, vaccines and meds, a few hundred have become many thousands.  World health organizations are keeping throwaways in tiptop shape.  Just look at the pictures of mostly males rampaging the streets of formerly peaceful societies.

The millions will be escalating into billions in the coming years.

The tens and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied young males flooding the West is just a drop in the bucket with millions more to come.  

Can the world handle one phony conflict after another? Millions of troubled throwaway males? With loud whining and blame shifting and sniveling?  Grievance upon grievance?

POLYGAMY!  A rigid, brutal form of polygamy for the elites only, giving rise to the most unhappy people on the planet.


Throwaway young males from a rigid unstable form of polygamy that isolates throwaway males from females while they are growing up.  Gender apartheid is unhealthy at the least and is an important paving stone on the bloody road to terrorism.

Drummed up “conflicts” will result in MILLIONS of the most troubled males on the face of the earth entering the West while the elites are busy busy acquiring all the young girls for themselves.


First world medical advancements brought to the third world are increasing the life expectancy and decreasing the mortality rate, thus resulting in exploding populations of the most troubled and the most violent people on the planet.

One sided, cherry picked, historical grievance – the number one time honored terrorist grooming technique

Grievances multiply with time, and the actual truth about most historical grievances is murky.

History is written imperfectly, historical narratives are by nature one sided, and usually written by those who weren’t part of the original grievance.

There are countless historical hysterical grievances in the world today.

How a culture or a subculture deals with it’s grievances says a lot about their leaders

Does the culture use grievances to turn it’s most troubled youths into hate crazed thugs?

Terrorist groomers from the third world, first and foremost destroy their own culture.

Terrorism always destroys it’s own people

There are no winners in terrorism.
Only losers.
Only very unhappy people.

How a culture cares for it’s most vulnerable says a lot about that culture

How a culture treats those outside it’s tribe says it all.


The fruits of polygamy: escalating need for sex slavery by the throwaways of polygamy

Sex slavery escalating – throwaways of polygamy treating women like animals in their rampage for sex-  the throwaways of polygamy are fodder for terrorism


The numbers say it all

At least 1,500,000,000 plus believe in various forms of polygamy

Of those there are at least

1,000,000 polygamous unions


1,000,000 elite males


up to 4,000,000 wives (or more)


up to 3,000,000 (or more)  excess throwaway low status young males that must be expelled from their homes in their most critical years on the path to responsible, high functioning adulthood

More or less THREE MILLION THROWAWAY MALES without women, without sex, without their families.


More or less three million throwaway males loaded onto boats and sent to the clueless West.  A few children and a few women are carefully paraded out in front with tears.  Terrorist groomers who sit in safety with young girls locked up at home.  Terrorist groomers who send other people’s children to murder other people’s children while feigning innocence and outrage.


Teaching your children to hate either their father or their mother will mess them up for life



Hate mongering and blame shifting are classic terrorist grooming techniques that mess children up for life

Children are not possessions that can be used as weapons

Exceptionalist parents act like adults, not immature teenagers.  Exceptionalist parents rise above the tragedy of divorce when children are young and vulnerable.

Children locked up when they refused to see their father have created a troubling situation.  Parents hate mongering each other to their children instead of taking responsibility are contributing to the mental instability of their children:



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3% of the polygamous population in UK are causing 30% of genetic disabilities



Trickle down effect.  Since all polygamous societies have increased genetic problems, the problem is not just marriage to cousins.

The genetic problems are caused by a few elite males having all the children.  The genetic problems compound down the generations as genetic problems spread throughout the population

All polygamy rots the gene pool.

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Truth is the only pathway to freedom


The truth is not racism

The truth sets people free from the shackles of the false narratives of all the tribalistic one sided, cherry picked, historical revisionisms of the long dead past


Tribal warlords are so OVER!!

Time for any and all tribal warlords to go out and get a job.

taxpayer funded polygamy in the UK

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Polygamy is the incubator of all terrorism


Polygamy is the incubator of all terrorism
Polygamy rots the gene pool
Every polygamous union automatically creates a number of throwaway, fractured fathered young males who are fodder for terrorist groomers

UK taxpayers are financing the rise of their own terrorist State.

The UK estimates polygamy is very high among the young.
It is estimated as many as 100,000 polygamous couples are feeding off of taxpayer bucks.

100,000 polygamous couples gives rise to as many as 200,000 or 300,000 throwaway excess young males who are tossed out of their community.
Polygamous couples are being married in secretive  ceremonies

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Classic terrorist grooming techniques are being used on your children. Wake up, Black America

Wake up, Black America

7 dead, 30 wounded in Chicago over the weekend


Wake up, Black America.

Classic terrorist grooming techniques are being used on your children.

You are being used by the denizens of death who sit in safety, counting the money they get for acts of terror.

Turning America into a third world hellhole will not solve the problems of third world hellholes

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Slavery and polygamy

For reasons that are being obfuscated, most of the slavery in the 21st century takes place in polygamous societies.
Throughout history, slavery has been associated with slothful polygamous elites who take most of the available young women for themselves.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies do not practice slavery, indeed, exceptionalist monogamist societies have led the fight against slavery.
Exceptionalist monogamist societies, however imperfectly,  are the only ones who have fought to abolish slavery.
 Always have, always will

How polygamy rots the gene pool


There are a lot of arguments against polygamy from a spiritual, moral and philosophical perspective. But is there also solid scientific evidence that polygamy is bad for the species?
There’s no question that over the past tens of thousands of years of human history, polygamy has left a mark on the human genome that may indicate that small numbers of males must have mated with large numbers of females.


Over time, this polygamous pattern will spawn more genetic differences on the X chromosome than it will on all of the other human chromosomes. That’s because women naturally have two copies of the X chromosome while men have only on X chromosome and one Y chromosome.
To put it another way, diversity arises because some men don’t get to pass on their genes while most women do.
Evidence of Polygamy in Human DNA
Michael Hammer is a population geneticist at the University of Arizona, in Tucson. He says that the evidence of polygamy among early humans can still be seen in our genes.
“Humans are considered to be mildly polygynous and we descent from primates that are polygynous,” Hammer said.
The term “polygyny” refers to the practice of males mating with multiple females. Among humans, it’s takes the form of polygamy or multiple marriages.
Hammer said he and his colleagues looked at the DNA of 90 test subjects from six different ethnic groups: Melanesians, Basques, Han Chinese, and the African cultures of Mandenka, Biaka and San.
XX vs XY Chromosomes
What Hammer and his researchers found was that there were more genetic differences in the X chromosome than scientists would have predicted if the same number of males and females tended to mate over the course of human. The only logical explanation for this is that polygamy has been widespread and has been going on for tens of thousands of years, according to Hammer.
In fact, the evidence suggests that polygamy has been around far, far longer than monogamy, which appears to have not even left any residual evidence in the human genome.
“I don’t know how long monogamy has been with us,” Hammer said. “It seems it hasn’t been around long, evolutionarily.”
Polygamy Widespread in Humans and in Nature
Most societies practice some form of polygamy, according to Hammer. Even if people in the West don’t take multiple wives at the same time, men tend to father children with more females than females do with males. This is a practice known in the scientific community as “effective polygamy”.
But is it good for the gene pool?
Dmitri Petrov is an evolutionary geneticist at Stanford University, in California. He said polygany is found in much of nature, not just in humans.
“It’s not unexpected,” Petrov said. “Polygany is something you would expect to find.”
In fact, Petrov and his researcher colleagues found that the same genetic pattern was apparent in the fruit fly cultures they studied as the human genomes studied by Hammer.
Polygamy Is Bad for Genetics and Society
But is it good for the gene pool? Perhaps not.
Not only is polygamy eroding the human DNA genome, it’s rotting away our culture as well.
Polygamy tends to create a multi-tiered society: Those men with power and money can take multiple wives. This puts them into a higher social class while men who can’t afford multiple wives – or even one wife – are assigned a lower social value.
This two-tiered system invariably undermines social stability. Men who can afford polygamous marriages compete against each other for the most desirable women, shrinking the pool of marriageable women for all other men and fomenting societal resentment.
That requires men of lower social and economic status to compete against each other for a smaller pool of single, marriageable women, which can instill feelings of hopelessness and futility.
An Uncertain Future
When men don’t feel valued by society, inevitably this leads to an increase in risk-taking, resulting in even more socially undesirable behaviors, as well as the consequent increased cost of additional policing, private security, and government-sponsored national defense expenses.
Faced with the prospect of high competition with other males for the attention of fewer females and with little chance of obtaining even a single wife, men without mate can feel as if they have little to live for, which quickly leads to an erosion of personal values.
The resulting breakdown in societal order could be catastrophic and can include such direct consequences as a higher murder rate, an increase in violent crime, higher incidences of rape and kidnapping of women, prostitution, human trafficking, and property crimes.
Drug and alcohol abuse is also more prevalent among single, unmarried men – especially those with no hope of finding marriage anytime in the future – which further accelerates the breakdown of social order.
The bottom line is that polygamy is not only bad for human genetics, but human society as well.

Post Troubled Childhood Disorder (PTCD)


Post Troubled Childhood Disorder (PTCD) has been added to the official list of Mental Disorders.     A professor of abnormal psychology at UC Berkeley, and his students interviewed 719 inmates on California’s death row.  Another professor and his students interviewed 369 Texas death row inmates.  Another interviewed inmates convicted of forcible rape and 2,118 child molesters in New York, New Jersey and Maryland prisons.  All three teams also conducted meticulous studies on the background of each inmate interviewed.


Of the 1,088 death row inmates studied, all but six were found to have had a troubled childhood.

Most of them had been repeatedly beaten by their fathers, their stepfathers or by their mothers’ boyfriends.

Most of them had been raised in homes or neighborhoods where the illegal use of drugs was prevalent.

The six death row inmates that did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired psychopaths.


Of the 1,736 rapists, 1,679 had been sexually molested either by a father or stepfather, by a relative, by their mother’s boyfriend, by a priest, rabbi or pastor, or by numerous individuals during their early childhood.  The 57 rapists that did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired.


The contention that ‘rape is not a crime of lust but a crime of violence and power’ is DEAD WRONG.  Rapists had either one of two motives.  Some rapists suffering from PTCD were motivated by a hatred of women because they blamed their mothers for participating in or not intervening in the beatings they suffered during childhood.  Most rapists were motivated by a strong desire to have sex, and because of PTCD, they failed to exercise any self-restraint.


Of the 2,118 child molesters, all but 17 had been sexually molested in their early childhood.   The 17 who did not have a troubled childhood were diagnosed as being hardwired.

Almost  all murderers, rapists and child molesters were suffering from PTCD at the time they committed their crimes.

The three researchers were also emphatic that with the exception of the hardwired psychopaths, none of the murderers should have been sentenced to death.


More proof that strong caring father figures are essential for young males to make the leap from thughood to manhood.


All international terrorism is basically the ancient tribalistic polygamous fight to the death for sex. The old elites need all the young girls for themselves, thus creating the need to kill off or expel low status young males…..

The tribal warlords of history would send their young throwaways to kill the young throwaways of other tribes, thus solving the problem of excess young males. Today it’s a bit more complicated for the elite old bulls to rid themselves of unwanted young males.

The fight to the death for sex destabilizes all polygamous societies. The one and only pathway to prosperity and peace lies in the exceptionalism of exceptionalist monogamy…..


Sexual slavery and it’s ties to the scourge of polygamy throughout history and into the 21st century


Sexual slavery throughout history


Raptio is an ancient Latin term that refers to the large-scale abduction of women.

Raptio describes a long-tradition in
the tribalistic, non monogamous, third world culture of the kidnapping of women for marriage, enslavement or sexual slavery, most frequently in a time of war. The practice of the large-scale abduction of women dates back the beginnings of recorded history.


Neolithic Period


Excavation of pottery near Asparn-Schletz, Austria, provides evidence of the widespread murder of older men and women during the Neolithic Period but not young adult women and children. This suggests that raiders attacked populations and killed everybody except nubile females, who were abducted and brought back as the spoils of war.


Genetic evidence of Raptio

There is even genetic evidence to suggest that the abduction and enslavement of women was a common practice among primitive tribal societies. In historical migrations, groups of raiding male armies routinely abducted indigenous females, a concept that is backed up by the greater stability of the human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups as compared to the human Y-chomosone
DNA haplogroups. In other words, the “mitochondrial Eve” chromosome is estimated to be about 140,000 years old, compared to the “mitochondrial Adam Y chromosome”, which is only about 60,000 years old.


Raptio in the 21st century and the sociopathic-inducing scourge of polygamy



As long as polygamy is a status symbol for wealthy elites to acquire more than their fair share of young females, any culture that practices the abominable scourge of polygamy will be violent, miserable, destabilized, and dysfunctional.

Why Polygamy is the Source of the World’s Terrorism


Why Polygamy is the Source of the World’s TerrorismChina and India are two of the most successful cultures in the world today in terms of economic growth and improving the quality of life for their citizens. It’s no accident that both nations have long practiced power monogamy.  People there must marry for life. There’s no such things like divorce and infidelity is not tolerated.

In the ancient world the benefits of monogamy were practiced erratically.
The power of monogamy  slowly spread across Europe and it’s inherent values of hard work, lifelong commitment to children, and self-discipline to cultures throughout the world.


What Happened?

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Sexual slavery, lost boy throwaways, false narratives of supremacism to justify slavery

Throughout history slavery has been justified by false narratives of tribal warlords, monarchs, oligarchs, and the elites of polygamy who need more girls for themselves.  If the throwaways of polygamy who are without women are taking sex slaves, then it’s time to banish the scourge of polygamy

There is no justification in the 21st century for any form of slavery.  Especially sexual slavery so that the polygamous elites have more girls for themselves.

Induced Sociopaths are not happy people.

Induced Sociopaths are not happy people.

Behind the phony facade lies depression, higher rate of suicide, poor impulse control which leads to violence, domestic violence,  sloth and misery

Sociopaths not only are miserable themselves, but they spread misery wherever they go

Polygamous Nations Do Not Want “Refugees” from other Polygamous Nations. Hmmmmmmm


Surprise, surprise, the polygamous nations of Indonesia and Malaysia do not want refugees in their countries..  Aren’t these their “brothers”?

Indonesia sent three warships and a plane to turn away “migrant” boats.

Now why could that be?

Can it be that the polygamous countries have their own excess young “lost boy” throwaway males?  Can it be that the polygamous countries have a shortage of young females?  Young females that the older elites want for themselves?  Do they know that offal of polygamy wreaks destabilizing havoc wherever they go?

Polygamous country of Indonesia sends three warships and a plane to turn away migrant boats. Overloaded vessels are not being allowed to enter territorial waters.

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