Tiger Mom claims Chinese women are superior mothers. Could it be due to the fact that China has practiced forms of nuclear fathering and nuclear parenting for thousands of years? Thus outperforming it’s neighbors for thousands of years?

Tiger Mom looks like she is a wonderful mom, but is there more to the story?

Hey, Tiger Mom, why is your culture superior?

Could it be the powerful nuclear parenting practiced by China for thousands of years?

Why is China leading the world economy?

Is Chinese exceptionalism leading Asia up out of the catastrophic bloodsoaked cesspool of polygamy?

The fabled work ethic that power monogamy brings to it’s adherants.   “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua is known for claiming that Chinese women make the best mothers, but now she and her husband say that some groups are just plain better than others. Is part of China’s work ethic their powerful nuclear fathers?

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